India N Women

India is a land of vivid cultures. We talk about respecting women’ everywhere but at past times we have known the descrimination done to them.

Some brutal practices like “sati system , purdha , child-marriage”were there.

But now we see things are improving. The position and status of women all over the world has risen at great extent.

Women like Rani lakshmibai has been saviour n Fighter always. I would like to tke an example of women who is fighting almst at the age of 78. DADI CHANDRO Tomar n PRAKASHO Tomar from johri village Baghpat, India. The two of them are national shooter n has won more then 40national tournament. There fav moment is to beat a Cop Of high rank in shooting.

Prakasho Daughter , seema is also a national level  shooter. One day, the duo took there grandchild to a shooting club for training, and while motivating the child , Dadi chandro took a shot , that went to an exact location. People were astonished and surprised. Later the duo received there training and won many competitions.

There are many such stories. But, unfortunately we all dont recognize our talent. We dont fight for our rights. We still need to improve our society, this male dominant society where we hv designations like ‘chairMan’ and nt ‘chairPerson’ , we hv reservation sytem to prove them they r inferior  and cannot fight.

Women’ have always been fighter’ , they are fighting but we need to stop them. Let them relax and give them the fresh air of equality amongst us. Let them Fly-high.469685072-years-old-shooter-chandro-tomar-with-her-gettyimages


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