Problems involving Import of Vehicles


Everyone , at sme seconds of there life dreamt of having a superbike or a fast car. Right now I am dreaming of an “tomahawak” , a rare combinationof power & Torque.
Me and my tomahawak over the roads of my city , evry eyes are upon us. The 1st superbike in my city. 🙂 🙂

But, wait, no1 else has got bike like this.
why so?
why , no1 has ever bought bikes ovr 300cc in my city?
well, there’ mny reason for it , nt that ppl cant afford it. I have known people who are really not aware of the problems in buying such bikes.
Hence, I made some research n did sme findings over this issue.

Some of you might have come across the word’ Homologation ‘, specially during import of goods. It means Granting of approval. In commercial practices, for instances products are often homologated by some public agency to assure that they must standards for such things as safety & environmental impact. Evry company mst go thrgh this.
For automobile in India, Automotive Research Association of India(ARAI) is responsible for passing of such high class automobile. To permit such vehicles there are many test that a company made vehicle has to go thrgh, such as fuel, safety, Road, model, weight etc. Now as there are so many test, its obvious things are gonna be costlier. This will add up in price, which means these bike will b mre costlier.

Now as we are Indians, India’ law does not permit all kind of bikes to Run over its Roads. We often hear the word ‘legal’ , (Bugati , fastest legal car of the world) legal refers to the vehicles which are licensed for running on roads of a country, all cars with speed abv 250are nt allowed. A vehicle that fulfill all the conditions of a country roads are termed as legal cars.


To bring a vehicle into our country,there are import duties. Apart from import duties there are many rules to be fulfilled, from which few are as stated
1) Vehicle being imported, should not be manufactured or assembled in India
2) it must not have been sold,leased or loaned
3) It must not have been registered for use in any country prior to beinf imported to India
4) the car should be imported only from the country of manufacturer
5) it must comoly with the motor vehicle rules(1984)
Basically, if you are seeing people with superbikes than the possibilities are that few of them fake there papers to mke it cheaper n easier. Most of the dealers they try to bring the parts as equipments n assembled them in India. Very few of them follow all the rules.



these days government has given permission to import bikes over 800cc
If these conditions are fulfilled
1) vehicle should meet the euro-III emission norms
2) the importers are exempted from the homologation process but at the time of import , they have to submit these documents
B)cop of an international accredited agency from the country of origin
C) notarized english translation of the certificates
3)The import of new vehicles shall be permitted only through the custom port at nhava sheva(mumbai),, calcutta &Chennai
4)Have a speedometer indicating the speed in km/hr
5) Have a Right had steering & control
6)second hand vehicles must be submitted for testing to vehicles research & development establishment(VRDE), ahmednagar, ministry of defence or the automotive research association of india,Pune.

Meghdeep Mukherjee


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