Motorbikes with Chain/Belt or Shaft

Let me remind you people….we are in the year 2015. Technology has grown.
I have heard people asking abt chains in bike when they can’t find them.
They start wondering.. How is it happening.

Guys…cars …cars don’t have chain ….then why is it necessary for a motor bike to have chain’s.
These day’ we have 2other options apart from chain system.
We have Belt and Shaft system.

Chain system mechanism:

image Now, Talking about chain system, it is common,cheap and most effective way to drive power to rear wheel. Chain drive is a way of transmitting mechanical power from one place to another. It is often used to convey power to the wheels of a vehicle particularly bicyclist motorcycles.
It comes with some con’s.
Chain drive requires a lot of maintenance. It sprockets and chain wear faster then belt drive or shaft drive. It requires a lot of maintenance lubrication as well as lot of cleaning as it attract dirt’s.
It allow a flexiblity in gearing changes.
Chain is adaptable and functional in Most conditions.
Easily repairable.

Belt drive system:

This system was mostly used by Harley Davidson in the late 1980s
Other, manufacturers are also using it at some vehicles. BMW uses this system in some of its 650 & 800cc bikes.
Some advantages are
It helps in reducing sound pollution.
Cleaning is less needed.
It does not creates any kind of torque rise by the rear wheel extending. This mean a more consistent chassis attitude and a comfortable ride quality and better handling.

It also has some demerits
Belt drive pulley limits us with gearing changes.
Its durability is less in comparison to others
Of the other two modern belt drive is smoother.. Qualitier and less expensive .

The shaft system : In 1923 BMW introduces 1st of its long line of shaft drive,opposed twin bikes.
The 1st shaft drive for cycles appear to have been invented independently in 1890.

Mechanism: crank attached at right angle to a rotating shaft by which reciprocating motion is imparted to or received from the shaft. It is used to convert circular motion into reciprocating motion or vice-versa.
Attached to the end of the crank by a pivot is a rod usually called a connecting rod. The end of the rod attached to the crank moves in circular motion.
The displacement of the end of the connecting rod is approximately proportional to the cosine of the angle of rotation of the crank. When it is measured from top dead centre. So it is the simple harmonic motion (shm).
X=rcos alpha + length.
Some good and bad things are
This simply has no chain fling or external wear with the other two
There is no need for rear wheel alignment to be performed by the owner during tire changes or repairs.
It doesn’t have much maintenance needed
But it is heavier in comparison to other two.
When power is chopped off suddenly….the bike’ rear attitude drops just as quickly.
It is more complex then the other two.


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